Product Roadmap

Q1, 2023 to Q1, 2024

Recently Released

Released Jan 30, 2024

  • Support for HTTP 2
  • Improved Connection Utilization


Released Jan 2, 2024

  • Improved Product Release Notifications
  • Myriad UI Improvements


Recently Released Features

  • SSO Groups Import
  • Product/Env/Team Admin
  • Single Sign-on Support
  • Native Apple M1 support
  • Additional Release Options in Plugins
  • Improvements to Entitlement
  • User Configurable Auto-Updates

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Q1, 2024

Work in Progress

  • Command Line Client
  • Solsta Cache Server
  • Client Performance Optimization

Q1 to Q2, 2024

On Deck

  • Solsta for Xbox (p1)
  • Solsta for Playstation (p1)
  • Org Configurable Auto-Updates
  • User Generated Environments
  • Improved Error Handling
  • Environment Tagging

Inspired Ideas

Our customers are our muses. They always have great ideas. We collect those ideas and add them to our product backlog. We then discuss these ideas with our customer community to see what resonates, then we add it to our roadmap. Not all of these ideas will make it into the product, but many of them will. If something in this list really catches your attention, drop us a line, let us know why its important to you and we will see if we can get the feature into Solsta sooner than later. Add your great idea to this list.